When you went to your timeshare meeting, the people there sold you a dream. They sold you an idea of an idyllic place where you could relax with your friends and family, and they swore up and down that affordability would never be an issue. Now, you feel used and you trapped by the ownership of a timeshare.

All Timeshare Release brings more than twenty years of industry experience to help. And while we can’t buy your timeshare, we can implement legal avenues to get you out of your contract. Here’s how it works:

First, we’ll provide you with a free and detailed consultation, where we’ll go over the details of your timeshare to determine if you qualify for help. If you’re accepted, our team of attorneys will get to work on your behalf, using methods that are both totally legal and completely binding, and we’ll guarantee a positive outcome. Our legal team is good at what we do, and we’re so confident we can help that we’ll provide a full refund* if we can’t.

Our job is to use the law in all fifty states, as well as Mexico, to rapidly and completely transfer ownership of your timeshare out of your name. If you have questions or you’re ready to begin, contact us online or by phone today!