What exactly does All Timeshare Release do?

Essentially, we help to end contract obligations for our clients and remove from their timeshare contract.


What kinds of owners do you work with?

Our team works with those owners who:

  • Cannot travel due to being divorced, widowed, or experiencing health issues
  • Didn’t use the timeshare as much as they initially expected
  • Are searching for less expensive vacation options
  • Have had issues or bad experiences with exchange companies
  • Have become financially overwhelmed by constantly increasing maintenance and special assessment fees
  • Are concerned about their children inheriting the timeshare and the attached fees
  • Have experienced trouble selling the timeshare through a listing company


How do I know if I qualify for your services?

We’ll examine all the details of your timeshare contract to determine if you qualify. If you do, we’ll explain the next steps and the associated fees. However, if you don’t qualify, our team can still offer free, useful advice regarding your rights and steps to take on your own.


Do I have to pay up front for your services?

The fees for our services are due up front, but only after you have taken the time to thoroughly go over our agreement, have a solid understanding of how we do things, and had all of your questions answered to your satisfaction.


Are your services legal?

Absolutely. Our legal team not only specializes in timeshare law, but we have attorneys in all fifty states. Additionally, we’re also able to help you with your Mexico timeshare.